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Haflinger Gearbox, Twin-Ball Bearing for Bevel-Pinion

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Michael Janczer Posted: Thu, Nov 24 2016 20:43 | IP-Adresse ist Registriert

Hello friends!

When assembling the a.m. parts, i discovered that there is a 2mm gap left over inside the bore of the gearbox-housing: The outer ring on the bearing, which is supposed to hold the bearing in place, has 2mm clearance to the flat face of the cover (item 44....700.1.21.0311), see first pic.

I consider that the whole pinion-shaft may move forward or backwards for these 2mm, since the push-pull action is caused by the axial force of the spiral-gear on the front end ( where the head engages onto the crown-wheel on the differential)  according to the rotation direction of the gearwheels. 

In order to prevent any axial movement of the pinion, i´ve  made an extra spacer-ring which fills out the remaining clearance, and which is being pressed down by the cover onto the outer ring on the bearing, see 2nd and 3rd pics. Tiziano, what is your opinion on this?   Greets Mike J. 

In pic center, the outer locking ring has 2mm clearance to the edge of the housing

Here the supplementary spacer is being placed over the pinion ball bearing

The extra spacer fills out the gap which was left, must keep now the pinion firmly in place.

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John Bennett Antwort zu Sat, Nov 26 2016 10:58 | IP-Adresse ist Registriert

Does the original have that ring? Maybe it is meant to have that movement? I don't know the answer, so I am just asking questions!

Does seem very strange that they would design the gearbox with such a gap unless it was required. 

Be very careful about selecting gears under power when you first use it in case things jam up...



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