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  • Re: Flatterventil

    Hi Stefan, I'll post a picture over on the thread on Robi's forum as I can't post it on here. Basically it looks like air comes in to the crankcase via the oil filler cap and is then sucked up and through the top one way filter into the Carb. Also the other one way valve allows air to pass back into the crankcase and it condenses back in
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Tue, Aug 2 2022
  • Re: Flatterventil

    I have exactly the same oil filler tower on my 1973 LWB. Even down to the same metal cap on the oil filler hole. So it is a part that was fitted to the Haflinger. John
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Tue, Aug 2 2022
  • Re: Weber 32 ICS

    Apart from the obvious question of an air leak, which the post before this one tells how to check. You can also do it using a water mister (fine spray of water, used plants indoors) - if the engine falters or dies, then you know you have an air leak into the carburetor. Fix would be to make sure the holes are round and not oval, make sure the shafts
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Wed, Jul 27 2022
  • Re: Schaltung

    Do you mean you now have an electric fuel pump? If so does it provide fuel at the correct pressure? 2 or 3 psi is more than enough, too much and you will be flooding the carb and the engine will be running rich. Not good for performance or fuel economy. Too little and it will be starving the carb and performance it suffer. Does it run better with the
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Sun, Sep 19 2021
  • Re: Schaltung

    Nothing to do with the clutch unless it is slipping - i.e. the engine RPM goes higher but the road speed does not increase. Nothing to do with the transmission if you can select all the gears unless it is the brakes binding - do the wheels drums get hot if you just drive - I.e. not putting the brakes on to stop? Most likely reasons are the fuel mixture
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Sun, Sep 19 2021
  • Re: 5. Gang schwer lösbar

    Sounds like a clutch issue as much as anything else. Try tightening the clutch cable a little bit. The other place it could be is the bottom of the gear leaver. If the parts are worn there, then the lever does not move nicely when under pressure. John
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Sat, Aug 7 2021
  • Re: AW: Vergaserüberholung Zenith 32 NDIX

    Have you done a compression test? Have you checked the tappets? Take the push rods out and check they are A: the right ones (Inlet an exhaust are different lengths). Check they are not bent. Check the ends are not loose on the shafts. Have you checked the ignition timing? Put a new coil in place, new HT leads, new spark plugs. Adjust the tappets according
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Thu, Jun 10 2021
  • Re: Eintrag Zulassungsschein

    In the UK, my 1973 703 has mounting points for the front seat belts (3 points). There would be no seat belts as standard or even as factory option for the rear seats as they fold down and are "occasional" seats. This would also be the case as there is no tube strong enough to fix a shoulder mounting point to near the rear seats. You could
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Fri, Jul 31 2020
  • Re: Tank Spannband Gummiauflage MK I(Tank hinten)

    There should be rubber between the top of the tank and the bodywork and rubber on the straps between the tank and the straps at the bottom of the tank as it come round the sides of the tank so you do not have metal rubbing on metal - that eventually eventually rub a hole in you petrol tank causing a leak which could result in a fire. John
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Fri, May 8 2020
  • Re: Wischermotor

    On the wiper motor where the wires are connected, there is a micro switch in the back plastic part. Take the cover off and look at how it works. There is a cam shape on the rotating part of the motor which pushes a pin through a hole. The pin either opens or closes the micro switch. Power comes in on one wire, another wire also has power. The third
    Erstellt in Haflinger (Forum) von John Bennett am Mon, Apr 6 2020
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